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Welcome to Urban Thai Spa, the Luxury Spa in Colaba, for opulent spa treatments. Located in the centre of this energetic Mumbai neighbourhood, our spa provides a peaceful haven where you can unwind from the stress of the city and treat your body, mind, and spirit with invigorating treatments.

About Urban Thai Spa

At Urban Thai Spa, we’re committed to giving our clients an unmatched spa experience by fusing contemporary wellness methods with age-old Thai therapies. Our spa’s interior design was created with great care to provide a calm atmosphere that encourages rest and rejuvenation as soon as you enter.

Luxurious Spa Services

We provide a wide range of opulent spa services that are customized to your unique requirements and tastes. Our skilled therapists are committed to making sure that every treatment, from luxurious body, cleanses and facials to traditional Thai massages, leaves you feeling renewed and energized.

  • Traditional Thai Massage: Our distinctive Thai massage, which incorporates acupressure, stretching, and rhythmic compressions to relieve stress, enhance circulation, and enhance general health, will help you feel better.
  • Massage with Aromatherapy: Indulge in a sensory experience with our massage with aromatherapy, which enhances relaxation and regeneration while calming your senses.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Our deep tissue massage targets deeper layers of muscle tissue to relieve pain and stiffness, leaving you feeling energized and renewed. It is perfect for anyone with chronic muscular tension or sports-related injuries.
  • Body Scrubs and Wraps: Treat your skin to our opulent scrubs and wraps, which hydrate, nourish, and exfoliate your skin to leave it feeling silky, smooth, and radiant.
  • Facials: Using premium skincare products appropriate to your skin type, our variety of personalized facials addresses particular skin conditions including aging, acne, and dryness, revealing glowing, youthful-looking skin.

Exclusive Spa Packages

Take advantage of our exclusive spa packages, which combine many treatments to deliver a holistic wellness experience catered to your needs, and indulge in the ultimate spa experience. Our spa packages provide the ideal answer for an opulent getaway, whether you’re searching for a short getaway or a full day of pampering.

  • Urban Bliss Package: The Urban Bliss package is the perfect way to indulge in a day of leisure. It comes with a bespoke facial, aromatherapy massage, and a classic Thai massage that will leave you feeling renewed and revitalized.
  • Package for Rejuvenation: Feel rejuvenated from head to toe with our Rejuvenation package, which includes a deep tissue massage, body scrub, and moisturizing body wrap to nourish, cleanse, and exfoliate your skin.
  • Ultimate Relaxation Package: The Ultimate Relaxation Package is designed to help you relax and de-stress. It consists of a hot stone massage, a scalp massage, and a foot reflexology treatment that will help ease your sore muscles, release tension, and encourage deep relaxation.
Beauty and spa

Amazing Spa Facilities

Modern amenities at our spa are created to maximize your comfort and convenience while also improving your spa experience. Every feature of our spa, including our steam room, Jacuzzi, and opulent treatment rooms and relaxation areas, is intended to leave you feeling revived, revitalized, and refreshed.

Professional Therapists

Our team of skilled therapists is committed to giving you the best possible individualized care and attention so that your spa experience will be above and beyond your wildest dreams. Our therapists are dedicated to assisting you in reaching your health objectives and leaving feeling your best. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable in a range of massage and wellness treatments.

Make Your Spa Appointments Now

Your number one choice for opulent spa experiences in Colaba is Urban Thai Spa, whether you’re looking for rest, renewal, or relief from tense and stressed muscles. Schedule an appointment for your spa treatment right now, and start your path toward health and rejuvenation in our peaceful haven in the middle of Mumbai. We are excited to have you at Urban Thai Spa and assist you in realizing the transformational potential of rest and renewal.

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